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Medium Tank Pindad: Labyrinth

Marder 920 1 Medium Tank Pindad: Labyrinth
We have heard repeatedly PT Pindad will make a medium tank to fill the needs of the army. President Director of PT Pindad sister Avianto Pindad Soedarsono said tank is powered 500 horsepower and weighs about 28-30 tons.
Several members of the Commission I claimed to have seen the prototype tank Pindad. Among others, Vice-chairman of the House Commission 1, TB Hasanuddin. "The prototype tank is finished and has gone the way. The result fits, why not develop. Live now say okay, make that much, "said TB Hasanuddin.
Army Chief of Staff Gen. Pramono Edhie Wibowo also talked about Pindad medium tank. "Pindad only being able to develop the tank level. For heavy tanks we have not been able to. TNI is working with PT Pindad develop the existing tank, "said Army Chief of Staff.
It should have been tangible prototype for the year 2008, the President asked for PT Pindad made for the Army Tank.
The latest information published by the Ministry of Defence is, PT Pindad in cooperation with South Korea to make the tanks / Infantry Fighting Vehicle K-21 turret mounted 90mm from CMI Belgium.

k 21 Medium Tank korea Pindad: Labyrinth
Tank / IFV K-21 South Korea
However, we have no idea what kind of medium tanks to be made Pindad. K-21 tank carries only Canon 40mm or 30 mm. Sketch did not know what kind?. Dark. The latest information comes from "Julian Assange Indonesia" Audryliahepburn. According to "Julian Assange Indonesia", the wonderful shaped Pindad medium tank. Approximately its hull (body) like Israel Merkava tank with a turret like Abrams United States.
Pindad's medium tanks, weighing 28-30 tons, has a canon 105mm with a steering wheel on the right and the left engine.
The question is, where the medium tank hull which will be used as a reference? Tank is Merkava MBT weighing 60 tons and above, as well as the M1 Abrams.

Medium Tank merkava4 Pindad: Labyrinth
Heavy Tank Israel Merkava MK4
So far refers to the VAB armored Anoa Renault of France. Rantis Pindad 4 × 4 refer to the Renault Sherpa APC 4 × 4 France. If we trace Pindad track record, then the tank will be made should refer to the French. The choices are AMX-56 LeClerc. However LeClrec a play battle tank weighs 54 tons. Other options, AMX-30 and weighs 36 tons and 105mm canon. But this tank is old school. First produced in 1966. Its hull shape was not similar to the Merkava Isreal.
Medium Tank Leclerc Pindad David Monniaux: The labyrinth
MBT LeClrec France
What about South Korea's tank?. South Korea's main tank is the K2 Black Panther KIA1 weighs 55 tons and 56 tons. Specifications Korean tank weighing 28-30 tons are K-21 IFV. But the tank was not designed to carry the Canon 105. The form was far from the Merkava. Follow-up question is, Pindad tank turret is using what?. So far we have never heard of Indonesia will buy the turret M1 Abrams, although Abrams has a 105mm turret canon.
For matters of Canon, the most memungkinkah are using CT-CV 105 mm Turret Belgium, because the military has long worked with CMI-Belgium, since the installation of 90mm canon in British Scorpion tanks.
CT-CV 105 mm Turret Belgium was created for light or medium tanks, either moving or chain wheel running. CT-CV Weapon System equipped canon capable of firing various types of ammunition caliber NATO 105M, or ATGM.
With the corner shot up to +42 ° -10 °, turet is claimed to be suitable for urban areas and difficult geographical, including beyond-line-of-sight engagements. CT-CV 105 mm Turret designed for medium armored vehicle or tank that can transport aircraft. This turret has a sensing system day and night, shoot your opponent while moving, autoloader with ammunition rack, fully digitized system, so called Hunter Killer.
CT CV Pindad Medium Tank Weapon System: The labyrinth
Turret CT-CV Weapon System, Belgium
So is it possible K-21 tanks of South Korea will be installed CT-CV 105 mm Turret Belgium? But K-21 hull tank Merkava not like Israel. Turet CT-CV Weapon System Belgium, is also not similar to the M1 Abrams Turret. So roughly, of which the origin of the so-called Pindad medium tank weighs about 30 tons of it? Whether the tank was actually made by Pindad or buy used and modified / refurbished? Add confused again.
Let's hear the explanation from the Director of Product Manufacturing Tri Hardjono delivered earlier in 2012: "PT Pindad would develop Panzer Canon 6 × 6 Anoa, to produce the Cavalry (Canon 90 mm) and Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Canon 20 mm)".
This could be interpreted Pindad will make the Panzer Tarantula / Black Fox with a Canon 90mm CSE Belgium. Canon 20mm IFV Tank means a kind of K-21 South Korea.
"PT Pindad retrofit program will also run the AMX-13 tank on wheels chain to increase the power of movement, Attack power, optical functions, and communication".
This sentence is unclear, and we've seen the AMX-13 retrofit Pindad results.
"In addition, PT Pindad will rejuvenate medium tank with an estimated price per unit of Rp 35 billion. The development will take 1.5 to 2 years. At 2014, a medium tank has been able to show ability in the face of society ".
Tri Hardjono not explain the medium tank which will be rejuvenated worth Rp 35 billion / unit. Rejuvenation was carried out since 2012 and should be completed this year. Where tanks are intended?. Indonesia currently has no medium tanks. BMP-3, AMX-13, Scorpion, Alvis Stormer, all weighing under 20 tons. Moreover, the AMX-13 is only 15 tons.
Does the second generation of PT Pindad rejuvenate China Type 69 medium tank. This tank is carrying the new canon 105mm, turbocharged engine, Points of light into the fire control system, night vision, friction dampers and a new suspension.
Medium Tank Type 69II China Pindad: Labyrinth
Tank Type 69-II China
But according to eyewitnesses, the new tank Pindad it, will make the process of cutting steel. It may be that there are some projects that do PT Pindad, may not. The information obtained is too broad and unfocused. It is rather difficult to find an advanced medium tank at this time, because the developed countries in the military, no longer develop, post-World War II. Memilihuntuk modernize their tank battle games such as: Leclrec France, T-99 China, 70 German MBT, T-90 Russian, U.S. M1 Abrams, Arjun India, Zulfikar Iran, Israel Merkava, Al-Khalid Pakistan, Poland PT-91, Challenger 2 Britain and others.
Panzer IV medium tanks such as Germany, the U.S. M4 Sherman, French AMX 30, has been abandoned.
There are some countries that develop medium tank, but not many, such as Argentina with Tanque Argentino Mediano or TAM tank. Tank is used as a main battle tank Argentina with canon 105 mm FM K.4 Modelo 1L. Tank weighing 30 tons was made many variants such as: Self-propelled howitzer, Armored Recovery, and ATMG. But there is no history of Indonesia bekerjasma with Argentina. The news was not unheard of.

tam tank Medium Tank Pindad: Labyrinth
TAM tanks, Argentina
If you look at today's leading tank manufacturer, PT Pindad could be a target Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) Marder made in Germany. Marder IFV has a weight of 28.5 tons and brought the canon 20 mm Rheinmetall and MILAN ATGM launcher. The model hull was similar to the Israeli Merkava tank. Marder IFV retired from the German military began and is now offered out of the country. Marder IFV offered include retrofit package to meet the qualifications of current combat operations. Thus there should be no problem if Pindad want to have this Marder IFV. As with the purchase of 100 Leopard 2 MBT by the former German army. German Leopard 2 began to be removed, because the country was involved in joint production with the United States for the MBT-70 project.
Marder 1A3 Medium Tank Pindad: Labyrinth
German Marder 1A3 IFV
Even the German company Rheinmetall, preparing to upgrade Marder, either in the form of Infantry Fighting Vehicle, or a medium size tank battle game. According to Rheinmetall, the change from a medium-weight IFV battle tanks around a financially workable solution, without reducing the reliability of the tank.
Medium Tank marder1a5 Pindad: Labyrinth
Marder 1A5
The figure below is the Marder IFV that has been overhauled by Rheinmetall with protection technology and a new steering system. This medium carries Tank Marder Oto-Melara 105mm canon. Marder original Turet replaced with new turet: Protector M151 remotely controlled weapon. Ballistic protection also increased to STANAG Level 4 + and Level 3a/3b + Mine Protection. The engine was changed to MTU MB883 diesel-powered 600 horsepower.
Marder tank Medium Tank Pindad 2: Labyrinth
Retrofit Marder Canon 105mm
Tank construction of medium-based PT Pindad Marder IFV with canon 105 mm Rheinmetall / Oto Melara-, could be in line with the procurement and refurbished 100 Leopard 2 MBT are on order of the army.
Medium Tank Marder Pindad upgrade 2: Labyrinth
Marder APC (Upgrade)
Pindad will make the first cutting medium steel tank in a few months. Hopefully the design refers to the German Marder IFV, to realize what is said, resembles a Merkava hull and turet follow Abrams. Tank must have sold well in Asean and pride. We recall the statement so the French Military Attache to Indonesia: "If you make defense equipment, directly to the producers".
Marder family Pindad Medium Tank upgrade: Labyrinth
The results of the German Marder Retirement Retrofit
Quote of the Day:
"So there is no more of my men who just rubbed it alone tank (old tank), cleaning the chain, changing the oil, without being able to be used. What a pity, and it was very painful ": Army Chief of Staff Gen. Pramono Edhie Wibowo. (Jkgr).
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